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Racing Yacht Design - something for you ?

Mini-650 racing yacht design

by Hans Zwakenberg

Designing a Mini-650 racing yacht as group a effort, using the Internet as the enabling technology to bind a group of interested individuals together, is what this site is all about. As far as I know, this project is one of the very first to try and apply this development concept to the fascinating world of racing yacht design. If you feel that there is merit in this new idea and if you're interested in Mini-650 racing yacht design, by all means do join our party.

Project- / design name

I've decided to call my project OSYD-650, which is short for an Open Source Yacht Design Mini-650. Companies that support this cooperative yacht design project are listed on the external links pages with the identifying pictogram shown on the right. Please note that a number of companies already came forward to support OSYD-650.

Preliminary lines plan

Adjacent you'll find a preliminary lines plan for a Mini650 racing yacht that displaces 1075 kgs. of seawater.
You can click on the image to get an enlargement.
The displacement mentioned doesn't include keel, rudders and daggerboards, so most likely the final design of the canoe hull will be a bit leaner still.
The prismatic coefficient is 0.526, Lcb is located at 53.49% of LWL. Please note that further analysis is needed to choose the final prismatic, LCB, LCF, etc.

Lines plan - illustration of an early version of the OSYD-650 lines plan.

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Development by 'Netizens'

For those of you unfamiliar with web based development by a group, please check out the links page. It will point you to web sites that describe this concept as it pertains to software development. This method brought us wonderful software like the Linux operating system, Samba web server, SendMail mail routing, GCC compilers, etc. Even if this doesn't mean anything to you, do check out the sites referred to, as it will give you a feel for what it is all about.

Just to cover the basics about development by a web enabled group of individuals:

a design is put under some sort of public license, yet to be defined for my Mini-650 project

anybody can take this design and build and/or modify it, subject to the public license, provided:

provided that derivative work is made available under this very same license

no individual (nor any company for that matter) can claim any rights to this design

anybody is allowed to build to the plans, not just the development team

most of the time, the person putting his design under a public license will also be the so called 'design coordinator', responsible for maintaining and publishing a coherent set of documentation and drawings

So, is cooperative Mini-650 racing yacht development something for you? Make up your mind and join us if you feel you would like to contribute!

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