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Professional Yacht Designers with Mini-650 designs

Professional Yachtdesigners
Dudley Dix, a yacht designer who (originally from South Africa) now lives in the U.S.A. I happen to like his design work a lot, that's why I put him on the top of this list. Do check out Dudley's website will you? He has a very nice wooden Mini-650 design in his portfolio, which is available as a flat-pack quick erect kit.
Marc Lombard of La Rochelle, France. He must be the only yacht designer in the world to be able to claim that he has had a 'winning deck' two times in a row. Want to know why ? Visit his site and compare his Mini-650 deck design with the one Seb Magnen put on top of his hull...
Groupe Finot of Paris, France. Quite a bit of information about Mini-650's on their site. Finot must be most famous because of their Open-60 designs. This site also contains beautiful computer renderings of their most recent designs.
Mark Mills of Kilbride, County Wicklow in Ireland. His site too shows a number of nice computer renderings of some of his yacht designs. He's into Mini-650's as well, so check out this site if you want to learn more about this designers' approach to Mini-650 design.

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