Meet the current design team

Current Mini-650 racing yacht design team

As soon as a core design team and design contributors is formed, the most active members will be presented on this page. If you're fascinated by Mini-650 racing yachts and would like to contribute to this open source yacht design project, please send me a mail with your ideas. Alternatively, you can also use the OSYD-650 Design Forum to introduce yourself (more details on the 'Contact' page).

See the table below for the current contributors:

Name  Based in  Main activity / Interest / Expertise 
Pedro Franco  Portugal - Algarve  composite structures, such as monolith and sandwich (except honeycomb) laminates using polyester, epoxy, vinylester, phenolic and modar resins. Pedro is also in tune with resin infusion building techniques. 
Russ Lenarz  U.S.A. (west coast)  professional yacht designer 
Leo Voorneveld  The Netherlands & The Balearics  interested sailor, non-professional designer and builder 
Hans Zwakenberg  Germany  initial proposals, web site publishing, design team coordination, 'source/document/design' maintainer 

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